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Lori Moran

Lori Moran is an accomplished Los Angeles based musician, singer, actress and music educator whose career spans the gamut of classical, musical theatre, jazz, and pop styles.

Fulfilling her family legacy of musicians, artists, and actors, she emerged on the Los Angeles jazz scene with her debut CD, “On My Way To You”, and since celebrating its release with a sold-out live performance at Hollywood’s Catalina Jazz Club, Lori continues to garner accolades from notable jazz critics.

She is the owner and founder of Lori Moran Music Studios in Los Angeles, and is in demand as a recording artist, stage actress, voice clinician, and private teacher.

"Clean, clear vocals, with a Disney whimsy, musical instrumental depth, and a jazz-siren sense...
the entire package is genre perfect."
--Don Kimenker, Earbuzz.com

"She swings 'sweetly' - singing in tune and treating the lyrics like an old friend. There is a lot of 'cabaret' in her style and it fits this album perfectly. 5 Stars”
--John Gilbert, EJazzNews.com

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